Originally posted on my previous blog – this post has been edited for spelling mistakes/clarity

81aTBRY7dxLSeventeen year-old, Mia has possibly the perfect family, an amazing best friend, Kim and a gorgeous supporting boyfriend, Adam. She would rather, unlike most teens, go out with her family on a drive or play her cello.  She has lots of choices about her future to make about her career, her family and her personal life. But then, one snowy February morning, something tragic happens and all her choices are gone. Except one: to stay or to die.

This book left me on the verge of tears, which is pretty hard for someone like myself that rarely cries at books or films. In this books’ 210 pages, it is so powerful and thoughtfully written to leave you with such a strong message.

We follow basically Mia’s conscience as she walks around, observing the aftermath of the crash and seeing her body in a coma while she attempts to decide the rest of her life. The wonderful element of this novel is its balanced combination of tense, sad moments as well as funny, entertaining moments, mostly from Kim, to create a novel that assesses many issues and decisions in life with maturity and relevance.

This is a deep, gripping, heart-breaking, but somehow uplifting, about appreciating your life in every moment.

Will you cry? Probably
Should you read it? Definitely.

I give it 5 out of 5


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